The Rosenlund Group can compare with international peers as one of the more informed Construction and Development Companies. We use the most modern equipment and technology available. Our use of innovative construction techniques and in-house research and development allows Rosenlund to out-perform their peers.

Rosenlund have developed and pioneered the methodologies and of high-reach demolition across the nation working in demanding environments. We continue to invest innovate and improve demolition techniques to ensure the business challenges and removes high risk operations. The business has a modern capital plant and equipment base.  Additionally, Rosenlund have one of the largest High Reach Demolition Machine (59m) located in Australia and is available to carry out the works. Further, the business also has a dedicated fleet of other support high-reach demolition excavators including a 41m and two 26m machines with specialist support machines and attachments.

Rosenlund is well-equipped to undertake projects in all areas of technical, financial, operational, and safe construction activities.  Our skill with this size project has been tested many times in the construction industry with Rosenlund executing large scale demolition projects including:

  • Gold Coast Hospital
  • Iluka Beach Resort
  • Surfers International Resort

Rosenlund is proud to operate with company engaging employees and equipment that will ensure the business is focused to succeed. This offers a level of certainty in the project and program delivery.

Our pre-commencement team approach will ensure we understand the challenges ahead and allow mitigation strategies to overcome each step. We look forward to working with all stakeholders to understand all requirements and to set about managing the process of completing a successful demolition program.

High-Reach Demolition

Reduces three potentially lethal hazards. The possibility of heavy equipment falling through unstable floors; The need for staff to work at heights and the use of open flame cutting by the use of Demolition Shears. Rosenlund has invested heavily in this technology and has three specialist excavators in its fleet.

Automatic quick hydraulic coupler

Rosenlund developed quick coupler system for excavators, which allows hydraulic work tools to be connected and disconnected from the drivers cab. The operator can change between various work tools within a few seconds, such as a hydraulic hammer, steel or concrete shears, sorting grapple, hydraulic magnet, compactor, sorting bucket, tilt bucket or standard bucket.

Recycling Facility

Rosenlund is currently constructing a $12 million C&D recycling plant in Brisbane, due for opening second quarter 2022. This facility will allow Rosenlund to exceed recycling targets whilst minimising the amount of waste sent to landfill.