Insurance Protection

The Rosenlund Group and our Insurers are fully aware of our responsibilities in the industry frought with high risk hazards. Together we have acknowledged such potentials as: Environmental Pollutions, Public Protection, Client/Site Property Coverage, Industrial Relations, Tool and Equipment Dangers, Asbestos Related Illness, and other localised issues.

Beyond our standard Property Coverage, the Rosenlund Group hold a AUD$20 million Public & Product Liability insurance policy. This policy has extensions to cover all Public Liabilities including asbestos. Our Workers Compensation policy covers all our employees. We have a current EBA ( Enterprise Bargain Agreement ) with both the CFMMEU  Trade Union and are recognised as industrially literate by our clients and peers. Our dedication to the environment and Quality Assured Safe Work Practices significantly reduces the likelihood of us ever having to rely on our Insurance Coverage.

Rosenlund Contractors also offers the additional protection of Professional Indemnity insurance and project specific Contract Works insurance.