Demolition is our Speciality

Rosenlund is acknowledged as the leading demolition contractor in Queensland. The primary aim is to demolish safely, and with this always uppermost in all employees’ minds. Rosenlunds’ record is very clean. The Company has a full time safety officer that regularly audits sites, drafts and reviews safety plans.

The plant and attachments that the Company uses are specialist demolition tools. Many of the excavators have ROPS/FOPS canopies to ensure operator safety and the attachments allow the hand labour to be minimized thereby ensuring a safer and quicker operation over old methods. Demolition falls are controlled wherever possible, to avoid the uncertainty.

Rosenlund has many excavators from 1 tonne up to 120 tonne and are upgraded to deal with the heavy demolition work. The Company has five specialist high reach demolition machines; 67m reach, 42m reach, 26 m reach, 24 m reach and 17 m reach . All run pulveriser, shear attachments and dust supression. The Rosenlund workshop is substantial and carries a large range of spare parts including engines, hydraulic pumps, rams etc for an in-house exchange service. Rosenlund has recently acquired a 67m ULTRA High Reach Demolition excavator based on an Hitachi EX1200.

Please visit our Photo Gallery for more photos of our demolition services.

In demolition, machines get damaged, and need quick repair by skilled and qualified staff. Rosenlund has this and the support of two fully equipped service trucks (with cranes) manned by qualified fitters and boilermakers.