Rosenlund have introduced and lead the industry with water mist dust suppression emanating close to the demolition attachment, eliminating dust at its source. This improves the overall site safety by reducing the spread of silicates into worker’s bodies. All our High Reach Demolition excavators utilize this technology, and Rosenlund carry spare units in stock for breakdowns. The use of these mist sprays also allows much better productivity by also enabling the operator to see and work continuously.

Rosenlund has proven statistically it regularly recycles in excess of 98%+ of materials from demolition sites.  We also utilize specialist grab buckets which can select out very small debris from recycling, which increases our recycling statistics. This also reduces the number of workers on the ground, which has the added safety benefit of slips/falls and accidents involving machines/worker.

Further, with the use of the Oilquick attachment changeover technology, the number of hydraulic hoses breaking or being caught on debris is virtually eliminated thereby reducing oil contamination into the environment with the added benefit of reducing downtime.


Environmental management is a core objective for Rosenlund Group. We continually strive to create more sustainable solutions through innovative site and waste management controls. We have an established and proven history of recycling building waste.
We are committed to managing all our construction activities and services in an environmentally responsible manner to exceed expectations of both clients and end users. Our approach includes:

• Managing resources in the most efficient manner
• Recycling waste
• Minimising our impact by handling the environment with care Implementing control measures to ensure pollution is prevented
• Building better relationships.

Rosenlund Group has both a pro-active and responsive approach to Environmental Management. This involves a combination of leading with innovation, working in a planned and structured manner and responding quickly, sensitively and intelligently to new and unique situations.

Environmental management is an integral part of our company culture and is driven by our leadership team. Importantly, our people have a commitment to the effective delivery of all projects with minimal impact on the environment. All our staff, subcontractors and suppliers are aware of and comply with the provisions of our environmental policies.

The implementation of site-specific environmental management plans and systems is an integral component of our project management. A tailored environmental management plan will be developed specifically for this project following contract award. Rosenlund Group will develop this plan in consultation with you.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond words and has been practically demonstrated on a range of projects in widely diversified geographic and climatic areas. This includes projects delivered in areas of high environmental sensitivity.


We have an established and proven materials tracking system that has enabled us to achieve a recycling rate in excess of 95% of volume to weight relative to the entirety of the project.

Reflective of our 50 years of experience, we have in place an established and proven materials tracking methodology that enables us to maintain such high-level results.
All demolished materials from all projects are tracked via truck dockets and receiving depot receipts.
All hazardous materials are transported only using environmental protection authority licensed vehicles and are recorded through authorised receiving station weighbridge dockets.

All materials to be recycled are logged by carrying vehicle and receiving depot weighbridge dockets.

As contractors with extensive experience working with government, we continually outperform mandatory recycling quotas. As an example, the Queensland Government requires recycling at least 60% of the volume of demolished materials on all projects, well below our regular achievements.

Our record over the last three years provides a recycling achievement of more than 90% by volume / weight relative to the whole project.

We will establish a specific recycling management plan and strategy for this project that will ensure we achieve maximum results. This will form part of our overall project management plan.